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Wonderful, quiet place to drink a beer, chat with some locals, and taste some of the various food truck offerings. It's like Cheers without a spinoff Psychologist proscribing anecdotal advice that no one wants to hear. If you're lucky, you may even receive a beer by way of a glass sliding down the bar.

A M   

We went there and it was a great down to earth brewery the beers were great!!

Michelle G.   

I would regularly haunt this spot if I was a local, unfortunately I was just briefly in town. The small but social atmosphere was rather charming. Beers were top notch. I even liked the IPA, which is quite a surprise to me.

Dace A.   

Beer was excellent. Never had much experience with ESB, but this one was fantastic. The atmosphere was great. You could enter into a conversation with anyone there, and at times the whole place was in one conversation (including the owner and brewer). Felt like a family (if a bar can).

Daniel G.   

Awesome beer! Smiling Toad has one of the best IPAs in town and my favorite pumpkin beer for fall! Loved the peaceful and fun atmosphere. Glad I can say I visited the smallest brewery in town.

Ashley S.   

The Smiling Toad is the best brew pub in town. Great beer and outstanding staff. We LOVE you guys!!!

Deb & Bruce M.   

Love this place! They regularly post updates so I know what food they will have available. Their lavender beer is AMAZING and everyone involved is just fantastic. I went in once and talked to the owner, bartender and one of the brewers and they all remembered me the next time I was in. If you want to sit by yourself with a drink undisturbed it may not be the place to go, but where's the fun in that anyway?

Heather P.   

Great atmosphere. The bartender is the owner and is super laid back and fun to chat with. Lots of regulars in there tonight but everyone was friendly.

Ruthie P.   

This is my favorite brewery here in the Springs! Biff, Bob, Fred and even Mark are always good for a laugh and the atmosphere here is perfect for making new friends.

Bridget U.   

Love this place feels like family

Christina M.   

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