WLD Brewery Series: Smiling Toad Brewery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ2gGZXiBCQ Posted Originally by: We Like Drinking We Like Drinking is proud to participate in a series of interviews with local brewers. Check out our first in the Brewery Series: Smiling Toad Brewery. Jim Myers interviews Biff Morehead in this and provides more details about the brewery. Location: 1757 S. Eighth Street, Suite 100, Colorado [...]

Opening of the New Patio

Over Easter weekend, we were excited to open up our new outdoor patio for the warming weather. Come enjoy some Vitamin D with your Vitamin B (beer!)

Dine & Dash – Colorado Springs Independent

Smiling Toad Brewery 1757 S. Eighth St., #100, 418-2936, smilingtoadbrewery.com With Smiling Toad's recent move to South Eighth Street, the brewery has injected some life into the drab, single-story warren of offices behind Little Nepal. The entrance is a little obscure, thus the "brewery" flags, but inside the place feels just like it should: a [...]

SideDish – Colorado Springs Independent

Amphibian ale Not-yet-18-month-old Smiling Toad Brewery (smilingtoadbrewery.com) has become the latest local nano outfit to expand quickly. The Toad has moved from the 900-square-foot, half-barrel brewery at 3668 E. Bijou St. (also the former Kevin Baity Kraft Beers) to 1757 S. Eighth St., #100. The new location, which opened last Friday, features a three-barrel system [...]

Interview with Biff Morehead – The Gazette

Photo Courtesy of The Gazette Biff Morehead knew it would be a lot of work. A home brewer whose most recent day job was as a greeter at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in May he made the leap into commercial brewing, buying Kevin Baity Kraft Beers from his friend Kevin Baity, renaming it Smiling Toad Brewing [...]

Dine & Dash – Colorado Springs Independent

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Springs Independent The 900 square-foot nanobrewery formerly known as Kevin Baity Kraft Beers still boasts a sudsy shoebox's charm, more barrel house than business. Brewer, barkeep and co-owner Biff Morehead, who took over in late May, is also admirably forthcoming about the challenges of growing from homebrewing into a new three-barrel [...]

The New Kraft Beer, Smiling Toad – Focus on the Beer

A new brewery will be making its debut today at Feast of Saint Arnold. However, if you stop by their booth you will come across familiar beers and faces. Smiling Toad took over Kraft Beer’s location on East Bijou the beginning of this month when former owner Kevin Beity’s licensing was handed over to Biff [...]

Smiling Toad Brewery – Fermentedly Challenged

Smiling Toad Brewery (Colorado Springs) - In a recent move, the old KB Kraft Beer brewery in Colorado Springs has apparently changed it's name to Smiling Toad Brewery due to a change in ownership earlier this year. Same address, but now a new Facebook page, ownership and logo. Beer offerings on tap include: Lavender Lager, [...]