1757 South 8th Street | Colorado Springs, CO 80905 | Phone: (719) 418-2936

Dine & Dash – Colorado Springs Independent


Photo Courtesy of Colorado Springs Independent

The 900 square-foot nanobrewery formerly known as Kevin Baity Kraft Beers still boasts a sudsy shoebox’s charm, more barrel house than business. Brewer, barkeep and co-owner Biff Morehead, who took over in late May, is also admirably forthcoming about the challenges of growing from homebrewing into a new three-barrel system.

He admits his latest Scotch ale is a little too peaty and astringent, and he’s also not content with what he coaxed out of Zythos hops used for the Toad Lick IPA, which lands a little too bitter and one-note, lacking “the grapefruit punch I want.” But the inherited, light Bella Lavender remains lovely, and a basil honey beer also achieves a nice herbal vibe. The current apricot sour bests the batch with subtle juice hints, full Belgian yeastiness and only mild pucker. (Pints or a full tasting paddle are $4.) — Matthew Schniper

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