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The New Kraft Beer, Smiling Toad – Focus on the Beer

focus-on-the-beerA new brewery will be making its debut today at Feast of Saint Arnold. However, if you stop by their booth you will come across familiar beers and faces. Smiling Toad took over Kraft Beer’s location on East Bijou the beginning of this month when former owner Kevin Beity’s licensing was handed over to Biff Morehead. When the switch was finally official and new logos in place I made sure to stop by and chat with Biff.

“My story is pretty much the same as all brewery owners. Starting with a passion for beer with taste, I graduated to making my own home brew and have decided to continue with the next step, owning a brew business.”

If you haven’t been by, their 900 sq ft, 1/2 BBL nanobrewery is a nice escape from other busy beer spots around town. Something makes the beer a lot more personable when you know every time you stop in the person who made it will be in the tap room to chat up their latest brewing adventures. Working alongside Biff is his wife, Patti, and brewer, Mark Wiebe.

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