Smiling Toad is anticipating the governor’s relaxing of the rules so…

We Have Started Brewing Again!

We have crowlers to go!

Until the governor lifts the restrictions, our tap room is closed
and these 32 ounce cans are our only income.

Visit our brewery and pick up crowlers to go. Park up top for faster takeout.

We continue to host food trucks for take out. You’ll see them when picking up your crowler.

We’re here from 2pm to 7pm. We hope to see you tonight!

Thank you for your continued support

Buy a 32 oz. Crowler of your favorite brew to go!

$12* for one
Two or more crowlers – $10* each

*standard tax rates apply

What’s on Tap?

About Smiling Toad Brewery

Smiling Toad Bar Area

We love what we do, but most importantly we love it when people come to our brewery to have a great time with friends.

We are a small and “homey” brewing operation based out of Colorado Springs. This is truly a place where everyone knows your name. If you are looking for somewhere to relax and meet some great people, Smiling Toad Brewing Co is the place to be.

Good company and good beer is the name of the game at Smiling Toad Brewing Co. We are a customer focused brewery and we always aim to please.

Meet the Crew

Patti and Biff Morehead, Owners

Patti & Biff Morehead

Fred Davis
Fred DavisHead Brewer / Owner
Mark Wiebe
Mark WiebeBrewer
Bob Gray
Bob GrayTap Room Manager


Our Brew Process

Here’s a preview of our brew process, but be sure to stop by for a…

FREE Brewery Tour!

We’d love to educate you on our beer and the brewing process!

What’s involved?

  • Weighing grain
  • Milling grain
  • Stirring the mash (grain) in the mash tun
  • Recirculating the wort (grain tea)
  • Sparging the grain to efficiently remove the wort from the mash
  • Connecting hoses to transfer the wort from the mash tun to the kettle
  • Checking the level of the wort in the grant (whirlpool filter) during transfer

Once in the kettle, boiling takes place. We also add adjuncts and hops at this stage. While the kettle is boiling, we scoop out the used barley/malt to give to a local hog farmer.


Smiling-Toad-Brewing-02-Milling-grain Smiling-Toad-Brewing-07-Connecting-hoses

After the boiling process, the brew is filtered through a cooling system & pumped into a tank for fermentation. This is also the step where we add yeast, and the brew ferments for a couple of weeks and becomes beer.

The beer is transferred into kegs and moved into a big cooler to chill and be carbonated. (We keep track of each brew and the length of time it stays in each step of the process)

Once taken out of the cooler, it’s ready to be experienced! We can then have YOU, the customers, enjoy a brew with us!

How long does the brew process take?

From the very start to the end (enjoyment period), each brew takes about 2 weeks to create.

Biff will teach you about his brews!

Good things do take time but each brew is worth it!

Don’t just trust our word for it, though…
ask our customers, or better yet, try one yourself!

What’s on Tap?